Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Started off with a trip to Barnes and Nobles. There was a bunch of books to choose from but on several forums that I belong to says that Refinement and Repetition by Steve Anderson. Read this book on the way home ( thanks to the wife for driving!) and this seems like an excellent and I mean excellent reference for shooting practice! Can't wait til I get home to try it out!

First actual practice!

Got out my Glock 17c and started my dry fire from the first drill to the 11 drill took me about 45 minutes to get it done. But, I did find a great way to keep the trigger resetting on my Glock. I put a piece of cardboard in where the barrel and slide meet at the ejection port. This seems to keep the trigger snapping :)! The first several drills are great! The only thing that I need to get is a timer with par times :( Will have to get that in time!

Drill 1 - Site Picture Conformation...excellent and I mean excellent!
Drill 2 - 10-yard Index...Good also but I didn't ave 10 yards here in my apartment so i used a piece of notebook paper cut in the                     shape of a IPSC target
Drill 3 - 10 yard Surrender Index...worked hard on this one had a bunch of trouble
Drill 4 - Turn and Draw...had a heck of a time with this need a lot more practice
Drill 5 - Strong Hand Index...good on this one
Drill 6 - Weak Hand Index...rough time getting the sight picture
Drill 7 - Burkett Reloads...I actually did this while sitting on the "throne" :P
Drill 8 - 6 Reload 6...Need to get faster on moving to the next target
Drill 9 - Surrender 6, Reload 6....WOW do I need work on this!!!!!!!!
Drill 10-El Prez...I can't seem to find my sight picture when I turn to the first target!!!
Drill 11-6 Reload Strong...I did even worse here

I think  I might have started to get tired towards the end there. But, all in all I think I did a fantastic job!